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Risun, as a professional R&D and integration of 『machinery, electromagnetics, electronics』 into three main areas of DC brushless motor technology company, not only has successfully innovated domestic first high-performance voice coil brushless vibration motors, but won a number of international Brushless DC micro-motor-related patents.
Risun is proud of being the first grantee of US vibrator motor patent. ODM / OEM Services would be provided for various industries.

Risun upholds the principles of "professionalism, responsibility, and innovation", abiding by the guidelines of "serve customers with supreme quality product. She makes most of BLDC expertise to develop a series of "eco-friendly" and "ergonomic engineering" micro-motor-related products, and vigorously expands the sales pipeline and the market to achieve the vision of two major objectives: to become an innovative one of world's leading brushless DC micro-motor suppliers; and to provide customers with energy-saving and environment-friendly micro-motor proliferation products.
For future, her vision is starting out from Taiwan into global market and inspiring ourselves to make most of leading-edge energy technologies to develop light, refined and coin-type brushless vibration motors, and cooling fans to better off people’s life quality and prolong people’s life expectancy. She will develop what she calls brushless DC motors that do more than single function, aiming to live up to her philosophy of “making motors an integral part of people’s daily life.

Products and Services Introduction

  • The first product line:
    Brushless micro vibration motor can be Used in 3C products such as mobile intelligence or Bluetooth headset, the beauty appliances, such as Facial massage appliances, personal hygiene Inter-dental brush.
  • The second product line:
    Micro cooling fan or modules, can be applied to hard disk digital camera, mini projector, LED lighting module cooling, MID, strap type, such as air quality monitors.

All of our products are with small, low-power green energy-saving, long life, no dangerous sparks, etc., due to the volume of light, so customers can easily integrate into the product space agencies, and customers can still have other Product Spaces accommodate the other parts in order to show the functional diversity; because of low power consumption of energy, so that customers are homogeneous product and market differentiation, increase value-added products; due to long life and no spark risk of client products for enhanced reliability and stability, upgrade the client company's image.

  • Vibration Motor

    vibration motor
  • Brushless Single Shaft Motor

    Brushless Single Shaft Motor
  • Ultra-low Power Atomic Cooler

    Ultra-low Power Atomic Cooler
  • Atomic Blower

    Atomic Blower
  • Single Micro-Blower

    Single Micro-Blower
  • Dual Mico-Blower

    Dual Micro-Blower

Mini Fans Manufacturer

Risun Expanse Corp. has been specializing in producing Micro Vibration Motor, DC Micro Motor and Brushless Motor for many years, offering Cooling Fans in OEM and ODM Service.  Our Mini Fans and Mini Cooler can be used in 3C Products like Mini Projector, Digital Camera and Bluetooth Headset, etc.  Besides, DC Fan and Cooling Fan can also be applied in Beauty Appliance, like Facial Massage Instrument and Personal Hygiene Appliance.  If you are looking for reliable Micro Fan Blower, DC Blower, DC Micro Motor and Atomic Cooler Fan Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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