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Risun, as a professional R&D and integration of 『machinery, electromagnetics, electronics』 into three main areas of DC brushless motor technology company, not only has successfully innovated domestic first high-performance voice coil brushless vibration motors, but won a number of international Brushless DC micro-motor-related patents.

DC Blower Manufacturer

Risun Expanse Corp. is a well-established and highly respected DC Blower manufacturer with a global reputation for excellence in product design, quality, reliability and the highest levels of customer service. We hope that you will find our site both informative and useful, but if you want to know more, or have any comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact with us.
RBS2218, DC Brushless Micro Single Blower


DC Blower

Risun is a professional manufacturer having capabilities of dc blowers design and pass production with the state of the art in production technology.

Risun not only provides competitive prices, excellent quality but also helps customers solve technical problems, improve quality, reduce extra costs. Moreover, the slim and small design of the motors and fans assist customers to add value on their products. All in all, Risun’s customers can gain more edge to win out in the keenly competitive market.

As a professional dc blower supplier, we can also offer tailor-made service. OEM / ODM partners for cooperation are earnest welcome.
  • Low profile
  • Low power
  • DC Blower with high static-pressure.
  • Long service life
  • Efficient cooling
Application :

DC Blower is a high quality cooling solutions for high-speed memory module, CCTV, security surveillance system, LED lighting and small projector use.

Size :

Dimensions and Specifications of the DC Blower are subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual product.

Specification :

Model Number RBS2218D
Product Name Single Micro-Blower
Rated Voltage (VDC) 5.0
Operating Voltage (VDC) 4.5~5.5
Rated Current (mA) <85
Rotation Speed (RPM) 10,000
Air Flow (CFM) 0.7
Static Pressure (mmAq) 4.8
Noise (dB(A)) 40
Weight (g) 7.5

P-Q Curve :

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Risun Expanse Corp. is committed to developing DC Blower and DC Cooling Fan that ultimately create innovative products that exceed customer expectations. If you do not see the products you are interested in, please contact us. We have a warehouse full of product and may be able to take care of your needs before products are offered on our site.